VETTS Committees

The following are members of the Executive Committee

Position Name Contact Number Email
President John Hilton    
Chairman Jan Johns 07884 310209
Deputy Chairman Susie Hughes

General Secretary

Emma Rose
Membership Secretary Norma Millward


Tony Worthington
               200 Club Secretary               Sue Collier

The following are other members of the committee

Position Name Contact Number Email
Newsletter Editor Susie Hughes
Press & Publicity      
Promotions & Prizes

Social Sub-Committee Team Lead

Jan Johns
International Coordinator John Hook

Table Tennis England Representative

Jan Johns
VETTS International Team Administrator Sandra Rider 0113 257 4368
VETTS Ranking Coordinator Phil Snelson
Website Administrator Andy Eagles

The following are the current Tournament Organisers (TO)

Tournament Sub-Committee Team Lead     Jan Johns / Andy Eagles / Susie Hughes

Northern                Susie Hughes        

Eastern                  VACANT                

Midland                  Jan Johns              

North-Eastern        Shirley Gelder        

Western                 Andy Elliott            

Southern                Marjorie Dawson    

Nationals                Kim Mudge