VETTS Tournament Entry Forms

Evening all,

2022-2023 Season

Firstly, congratulations to all the winners and runners-up (and all competitors) at our first event of the new season held in September in Sunderland. Equally we owe a huge amount to the team of volunteers, organisers, officials and helpers who without the boundless enthusiasm, humour and effort these events would simply not be possible.

It's currently about four weeks until our second event of the season, as VETTS returns once again to Aldersley, Wolverhampton for the Midland Masters. The entry for this event has now closed, however the entry forms are at the bottom of this page for reference.

Online entry has just opened for the third event of the season. VETTS once again returns to UEA Sportspark (Norwich) for the weekend on 12th/13th November 2022. The online entry is available via our dedicated website VETTS Tournament Software (Click on the upcoming tab). Please be careful as unfortunately the website does contain some pop up adverts. Please remember to Login to your VETTS account if completing online entry!

The entry forms for download are shown below:

VETTS Eastern Masters 2022 (.doc)

VETTS Eastern Masters 2022 (.pdf)

NOTE: These are not 'automatic' entry forms. Once downloaded and completed they must be printed and posted or saved and emailed to the tournament referee prior to the deadline.

Please ensure that your relevant memberships to VETTS and TTE are up-to-date to try and minimise any entry niggles along the way.


For reference the entry form for VETTS Midlands (Aldersley) are shown below (entry has closed)

VETTS Midland Masters (.doc)

VETTS Midland Masters (.pdf)



On behalf of the VETTS Committees, referees, suppliers and volunteers may we wish you all every success and good luck for this season.