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Process for selection detailed below.

Home Nations Selection: It is wonderful that for the first time since 2019, we are able to look for teams to represent England VETTS in the prestigious Veterans Home Nations Championships.


This event will be played in the Isle of Man on September 9-11, 2022, and we hope to enter teams in all age categories to compete against veterans from six other Home Nations. There will also be individual competitions.

In order to select teams in an open and transparent way, we have criteria which is intended to be fair to all - and take account of the issues many faced during the 'Covid years'.


To be eligible for selection you must:

a) be a current member of the VETTS; and

b) be eligible to play for an English county; and

c) not have represented any other nation/national society in the past three years; and;

d) have played in at least two of the following VETTS Masters events:


Nationals (Aldersley) 2019,

North East (Sunderland) 2021,

Midland (Aldersley) 2021,

Eastern (Norwich) 2021,

Southern (Crawley) 2022,

North/North West (Preston) 2022

Western (Thornbury) 2022


NB: These events have been selected as the most recent which have been played at these venues. It is important that we give a fair geographical spread and therefore include the latest event from all of our seven Masters tournaments.


We have previously asked for players to have competed in three of these events, but for this year only we have reduced this to two events to take account of the Covid-related issues.


Places in the teams will then be offered in strict ranking order from those eligible for selection. The ranking lists used will be the TTE May veterans list for the O/40s; and VETTS ranking lists published after the Western Masters 2022 for all other age categories.

This process will be administered by Sandra Rider (

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