Sunday Groups of 3 - Survey Findings & Next Steps

Strong mandate from the men for the format to continue. Undecided from the ladies. Read on......

As you know, we conducted a survey regarding our trial of starting Sunday events with groups of 3. The objectives were:

• To give players more matches

• To overcome the issue of umpires for first round matches


The survey results and findings can be found below, but here are the agreed next steps:

1. We have already committed to the groups of 3 format for the Southern, so this will go ahead as planned for all events

2. Given the strong mandate, we will continue with Sunday groups of 3 for men for the foreseeable future

3. We will re-survey the women post the Southern Masters, as we had a relatively small response. This will be a simple go v no go question.

4. For the North Western, whilst awaiting results of this 2nd survey, we will remove Sunday groups of 3 for women's events and revert to a KO

5. At the Southern, our referee Kim has proposed to help people 'see progression' more easily with wall charts, so we will see how this is received.



• 84% of men who responded to the survey were wholehearted supportive of the format – so a strong mandate to continue with the format

• It was very much a marmite response from our ladies. Generally, only 50% were in favour, and in the 60s, the majority were against.

• The reasons given were that players did not want additional matches on Sunday, and the format meant that they lost sight of the stage they had reached in the event. E.g. For the smaller events, you might go straight from a group into the semi-final.



• Analysis of scratches in the first 3 events of the season shows that they occurred primarily in the consolation events

• Groups of 3 are taking longer than anticipated as the players are evenly matched

• In the small events, especially the consolation, it can be very difficult to achieve groups of 3. There are insufficient players.



• More work is required to set up the tournament, as we need to manually adjust the system logic to allow Group -> Group -> KO format

• There were definite benefits on the Sunday, as events could start on time instead of waiting for umpires

• The referees feel the benefits outweigh the disadvantages

• The manual modification to the system means that the information in the ‘winners’ tab of the software is not as clear. We have no solution to this currently.

Regards, Jan Johns

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