Proposed Change to VETTS Constitution

The Exec are seeking to clarify the difference between the Vice President and Life Member awards.

In accordance with Clause 9.1 of our Constitution, “Any proposal to alter the Rules of the Society must be received by the General Secretary no later than March 31 and notified to members by April 30.”  I am therefore sharing a proposed change to Clause 4. Life Members and Vice Presidents

A few years ago, the VETTS Executive Committee wished to clarify the difference between the VETTS Vice President and Life Membership awards.  The current wording does not describe the Vice President criteria at all. Over the last 3 years, I have sought guidance from founding members of the Society and senior officials, but no one was able to shed any light on the respective criteria.  The Exec have therefore decided to change the wording of Clause 4 to differentiate between these two prestigious awards.   These definitions will take effect from the 2021 AGM onwards, and will not be applied retrospectively.  All previous awards will remain as they are.

The changes are highlighted in yellow.

Honorary Life Members and Honorary Vice Presidents  

4.1The Annual General Meeting may confer the distinction of Honorary Life Membership on any member who has rendered outstanding service to the Society.   

4.2 The Annual General Meeting may confer the distinction of Honorary Vice President on any member who is deemed to have achieved an outstanding level of performance in the Table Tennis competitive arena, domestically or internationally.  

4.3 Nominations for either award shall be made by the Executive Committee which shall give due consideration to all names put forward to the General Secretary by March 1 each year.  

4.4 Additionally, the Annual General Meeting may rescind the distinction of Honorary Life Member or Honorary Vice President.  Nominations to rescind an award shall be made by the Executive Committee.  


Again, as stated in our Constitution, “Alternative proposals dealing with the same subject matter, or amendments to the proposals, must reach the General Secretary by May 31.”

Jan Johns

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