VETTS Covid-19 Statement

Please see below an update statement issued by the VETTS Executive

During this ever-changing situation, your VETTS Exec and Committee have continued to work on your behalf, taking the opportunity to produce costs models which help us to assess the impact of decisions that we might make.  We are also producing overdue system documentation that can help new/existing officials to understand how to plan and run our events using our software. All of this activity can be done remotely, so your committee remains safe and protected at all times.

We are also carefully monitoring the guidance regarding running our VETTS events.  It is ever-changing, so for instance may include courts with 2m exclusion zones, and excluding doubles events.  Any decision we take will depend upon guidance:  overall guidance issued by the Government, guidance issued to leisure centres re large gatherings and guidance issued by Table Tennis England.  In addition to the safety of players, it is vital to consider the safety of our event officials. 

We are applying a great deal of lateral thought to our options, and one that we are considering is to run our events in a Ratings format in the medium term.  There would be a Ratings competition for different age categories, each group maybe playing across 2 large courts.  This would allow us to significantly reduce the number of officials required, to reduce the movement of people around the hall, to more effectively implement cleansing procedures and ensure people can be seated 2m apart. It would also demand less planning time for the referee, providing flexibility for the green light to run an event.

At this stage, we continue to plan, as we must be ready for any eventuality.  We will not be opening any event for on-line or paper entry, until we know that the event can go ahead.  We don’t want to be refunding entry fees.

Of course, irrespective of the proposal we make, we fully understand that many of our members may feel uncomfortable about returning to the game, and we will not make any decisions unilaterally without the guidance from the parties listed above.

As we are sure you understand, the situation changes every week, and we will continue to monitor options on your behalf.

We hope this announcement finds you and your loved ones safe and well, and thank you once again for your continued support.

VETTS Executive Committee

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